Mobile workplaces are becoming more common. The concept is surely here to stay, and modern companies are setting up in both large and small cities in ever increasing numbers. The name may vary, for example: mobile office, free seating, free desks, activity-based office, Next Office (Kinnarp’s word choice) along with others… But the meaning is the same and creates completely different storage requirements for the individual employee.

We offer a variety of mobile storage solutions for personal storage. The products are unique to their kind and are designed by our partners.

We have noticed that the products are not only used as storage solutions for offices, but also for other types of purposes where the function is the same.

For large orders we can offer customised variants, customer-unique colours, screen printing or customer specific embossing.

Sustainable, of course!

Our products are made of an environmentally friendly recycled cardboard that is also completely recyclable.