Inspiration for area of usage for our products

Our environmentally friendly storage products have a wide range usage. 

On the following page we have presented a couple of examples, that hopefully can inspire you how to use our products in different types of areas and businesses.

Our recycling stations are one of our most sold products on the Swedish office market. At the Swedish Government Office they consider environmental waste disposal very important, and have therefore chosen to use our recycling stations under every desk. At activity based offices, it is most common with disposing paper/newspaper, wet waste and other combustible products. As long as the waste is dry, it is possible to use the recycling stations for all kinds of waste such as; used toner cartridges, electronic waste, batteries, different types of plastics and so on. Make sure your office chooses to sort its waste and make an effort for the environment!

Photo: BIARO

Many businesses and professions in different types of sectors are in need of a simple, stable, ergonomic and mobile storage. In sectors such as libraries, practical professions, schools, the modern activity based offices and the pharmaceutical sector have great usage of many of our storage units. Following pictures show some examples of different types of usage areas for our products.

Our office storage units with partridges and/or compartments are very popular for different types of purposes. Other popular products are post-boxes, book storage units and multi storage for charging of electrical components. By choosing our products you are contributing to a sustainable environment with recyclable products instead of choosing similar plastic or steel alternatives.