Good storage is needed in order to succeed in creating an activity-based workspace.

Different trends on how a workspace should be constructed have come and gone as long as the office space has existed.

Since the beginning of 2010 a certain type of work space has evolved; The activity based workspace

The service sector has grown massively during the past few years, and has today, a leading role in the economy. Regardless of market sector, all are affected by digitalization. A digitalization that is expected to keep thriving through the years to come, and creates a possibility for a greater variation on how you conduct your daily work.

Present and future technology makes it possible for most work to be done without depending on a specific work space. The only specific need is a network in order to integrate with colleagues an IT-units.

An activity based workspace is an office with several opportunities to use different types of work methods, depending on the type of activity (meeting/individual or group activities) needed that day. The individual has the opportunity to decide where he or she wishes to work that day. For example, there are different types of workspaces such as individual workspaces or cubicles, or quiet rooms (where phones are banned) that are specifically for concentration work. There are smaller meeting rooms to be able to integrate in smaller groups, open workspaces for project work and relaxed spaces for informal meetings. Even sections with the opportunity to work out on treadmills, in order to combine physical training with work.

Activity based work, presents many opportunities and positive aspects, but also has some challenges that should be considered. There are countless studies performed on the subject, and different ways on implementing the working structure. Leading branch operators have a finished concept on how to change and apply suitable interior decoration. There are several consultants who can help with planning and implementation of an activity based workspace.

In order to succeed with implementing an activity based workspace all aspects must be studied and thought through. It is important to involve employees at the early stages of the project, and make sure to use a professional within interior decoration to investigate and make sure that all interests are heard and taken into account. But in conclusion: One important matter is solving how the employees keep their personal things in order, when moving around in an activity based office.

To succeed with an activity based work method there is a need of practical, mobile units for personal storage:

Regarding storage there are several aspects to be considered:
Facilitate for employees to keep their work tools in order, and/or their personal items. As an activity based workspace makes employees switch workspaces during the day.
Facilitate for projects or teams to receive a physical storage area if there isn’t enough space in for example an archive. This is where products from BIARO would be of big help. We have a range of different solutions to satisfy this need.

The head office of Swedish Construction Service was nominated for “Office of the year” 2016 in Sweden. In the background of the picture; on the desk, BIAROs’ TOOLBOX can be seen. It is used by all employees at The Swedish Construction Service for personal storage.