BIARO recommends – To construct a waste disposal policy

A waste disposal plan would work as a guideline for the business on how it should handle its waste disposal. The foundation of this plan should be found in the company’s environmental policy. What is defined as waste is defined in the specific country’s environmental law and waste regulation.

biaro-design-logga-cirkelWhat should a waste disposal plan contain?

The policy should focus on those work systems that:

  • Makes it possible for the company and its employees to make sure that waste is taken care of in a way that does not adventure the health of other people, and without affecting the environment in a negative way.
  • Make sure that those whom handle, produce, package, transport and/or take care of waste take precautions to protect themselves and those around them from risk and injury.

Waste minimizing: A business should try and minimize the waste that is produced as far as it is economically and reasonably possible.
Reuse: If it is possible and economically defendable a company should reuse articles that have not reached the end of their life span.
Recycling: Recycling of waste should be prioritized and organized to minimize the amount of waste that is destined for landfill.
Disposal: A company should make sure that segregation-, storage-, handling-, transportation- and disposal-processes comply with current legislation.

What goals can be can be assigned?

It is of great importance to assign goals for your work, which can be measured and followed up on a regular basis. A company should strive to improve its environmental related work continuously, which could include the following goals:

      • Make sure that waste bins are available and accessible for all employees.
      • Make sure that waste is recycled or disposed in a way that doesn’t put other people’s health at risk. By using processes that has the smallest possible effect on the environment.
      • Develop and apply sustainable processes and routines.
      • Contribute to a circular economy by sorting and recycling all waste that can be reproduced and reused.
      • Contribute to minimizing commercial and industrial landfill.

Double recycling box

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