In the Swedish government’s letter of December 2015, “Politics for sustainable businesses”, the subject of how the government looks upon the future of sustainable businesses is set out. It also includes clear expectations on sustainability work, and recommendations on how the work should be done, for companies and organizations.

The letter is based on companies and organizations responsibilities for a sustainable environment. At the climate meeting in Rio 2012 a program on sustainable consumption and production was presented. Sustainable consumption and production are seen as key factors in both reducing the climate and environmental changes, and readjusting to a green and circular economy.

“The government is going to provide better conditions for sustainable consumption, sustainable production and circular economy by involving business organizations and companies’”

So, how will this affect companies and organizations in the future? We are certain that regardless of which part of the supply chain a company is, all companies will be affected.

The most important stakeholder regarding recycling is the branch organization The Recycling Industries. Their opinion is that the development towards a circular economy is evolving slowly, and need funds and guidance to speed up the the process.

“Sweden can become much better with taking care of its resources. Far too much valuable material is today burned and deposited. The government should therefore establish requirements on waste sorting and make sure that unsorted waste isn’t burnt.”

For further information, please read more from The Recycling Industries in the article “How Sweden will become the world’s most circular economy”

The Environmental Protection Agency have been designated as a national focal point in the above-mentioned framework. As the demand on environmentally friendly technologies and solutions is increasing, action will be taken to stimulate innovation and commercializing environment and climate technology.

””Efforts should include environmental technology, leading edge technologies and advanced system solutions for sustainable cities and increased focus on recycling and resource efficiency in the field of materials.”

Another important part of the development is that companies and organizations soon will receive harsher regulations on their reports on environmental work. For further information, see

A key point in The Environmental protection agency’s assignment on ecosystem communication ”2014-2017” is improving environmental accounting. Something that likely renders to companies having to report on how they handle their waste in a clearer way than before.

There is no doubt that all companies and organizations will have to take better care of their waste produce in the future. At BIARO we can help by offering products such as our wide range of stylish environmental stations.

The Double Environmental Box

The Triple Environmental Box

At BIARO we are members of the Cradlenet network

Cradlenet is a cross-sectoral network of designers, producers, chemists, architects, eco-strategists and others who work with implementing and disseminating information based on circular economy in Sweden and the rest of the world.

What is circular economy?

If you are interested in circular economy, we would recommend you to watch the following video, that will give you an introduction of the concept. “I recommend all major companies and organizations to develop a waste management policy” – Markus Håkansson, responsible for sustainability questions at Grant Thornton