Environmental friendly products to offices and public areas!

BIARO AB is a swedish company that offers smart products to offices and public areas. All our products are made of environmental friendly, recycled cardboard.

Labeled for responsible forestry

FSC®-labeled raw materials is another step in our environmental work.

Recyclable thinking is a matter of course for us at BIARO. We want to safeguard both the internal and external environment.

Orderliness at your office

Stable and environmentally friendly products that create order in the office.

BIARO has almost two decades delivered products that creates order in the office, to both private and public organizations.

Our retailers in Europe

If you want buy our products, contact a partner to us in your neighbourhood.

Our resellers are interior designers, interior decorators and office interior designers in Europe. Welcome to contact a partner to us in your area.


We have the products that create an order at your office workplace and for your public spaces. Our products are available as standard in graphite and white. But of course we can always offer other colors on orders over larger volumes.


For almost two decades BIARO has been delivering products that keep everything in its place at the office, within the private as well as the public sector all over Scandinavia. We want to care for the environment both inside and outside. This is why all our products in cardboard are made of recycled cardboard and they are of course also recyclable.


FSC®-labeled raw materials further step in our environmental work.

Color news

Add color to your products from BIARO. Contact us to find out more.

Order at the office

We have the products that create an order at your office workplace.

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Our dealers

Our products are represented by interior designers and office decorators.

Custom made products

We can produce customized products according to your wishes.

Purchase with care

BIARO is a member of the Swan Network for purchase with care.


Keeping your offices, mobile workplaces or other workspace in order is important for both well-being and efficient work. Here you will find products that help with doing exactly that, keeping order and organisation in the workplace. Here you will find different types of paper trays, office supplies holders and much more. Organising the many things that you might find on an ordinary office desk is not only more efficient but also aesthetically pleasing - it will be easier to find what you need and the system makes it look nice and clean.

The products available here as default come in the colours graphite and white. However, if you wish to place large orders, we can also offer other colours than these - contact us for more information on this. Clean up and organise your office, mobile workplace or other workspace with our eco-friendly office products today!


Our office products are not only functional and sleek; they are also manufactured responsibly and are fully environmentally friendly. BIARO has high ambitions in terms of environmental work, which is also reflected in the products we offer for offices and workspaces. This means that, amongst other things, we work with FSC® certification for sustainable paper consumption, and since 2014, all our products consist of FSC® labelled raw materials. In addition to this we are also members of several organisations promoting environmental work, such as the Swedish Green Building Council and the Nature Conservation Association. By using our products, you also contribute to a sustainable society!

If you are wondering about our environmental policies or products, please feel free to contact us. Our complete and comprehensive product range for workspaces, mobile workplaces and activity-based offices can be found on this page - get organised and tidy up your workplaces today with the help of BIARO.